Customer Applications:
Computing in Healthcare

Durable platforms for prolonged exposure to sanitation materials and fluids. Easy to mount to medical carts for quick transport.

Read some of our customer's stories below to see how our hardware is being employed in healthcare applications.

  • Ambulance interior
    An EMS solutions provider installs our all-in-one, ruggedized Panel PCs into the patient care compartment. These systems act as mobile data terminals, passing on critical information about the patient, along with collecting data on arrival times of the crew. With built-in wireless functionality, vibration and shock resistance, and solid state storage devices, these systems offer stable computing platforms and ensure timely delivery of care.
  • Medical device
    A laboratory analysis equipment manufacturer utilizes our low-power embedded boards in its FDA-approved analysis systems. Only needing a pared down I/O offering, affordability and long-term support are key factors in their system design requirements. Intel Atom-based mainboards are the perfect solution for these devices; using energy-efficient processors that are on Intel's embedded road map, you can be sure that the board selected now will be available throughout the duration of your project.
  • Imaging and diagnostics
    A systems integrator provides innovative medical imaging equipment to the healthcare industry. These image acquisition devices offer precise, high-resolution video capture in a small footprint package. Designed around Intel Core mobile processing technology with analog and digital video capabilities, these systems are high-powered, yet efficient.
  • Point of use in hospital
    For walk-in clinics and hospital out-patient care facilities, having quick access to a patient's complete medical history is crucial in providing fast, timely service. A point-of-use systems integrator for hospitals chooses our fanless systems because they are small, reliable, and can be mounted behind an LCD screen. They feature a wide range of I/O capabilities, which makes it easy to integrate the computer with handheld devices or other legacy medical systems.