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OS Development

Choose Hardware Experts for OS Development & Deployment Services

Logic Supply provides development services to customers requiring specialized platforms. We have on-site, skilled application engineers and programmers who have years of field experience on x86 platforms. By offering pre-configured and pre-tested systems that are ready for deployment, we save our customers time and money. 

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Our Service Options

BIOS Customization

  • Custom, optimized settings
  • Start up screens


Windows Embedded OS Development

Windows EmbeddedLogic Supply is a certified Windows Embedded Partner—we have a full staff of trained professionals who are knowledgeable and ready to assist you. Windows Embedded offers a smaller footprint and greater variety of mass storage media, and a faster boot time with HORM (Hibernate Once, Resume Many).


Items we can customize (OS):

  • User interface – desktop, start menu, control panel functionality
  • Pre-installed software (pre-designed application or additional Windows features)
  • Functionality – network services, tools (command prompt tools, management tools), accessories (remote desktop services, accessibility features)

Linux OS Development

Ubuntu PartnerIf you are interested in the flexibility and versatility of an open-source platform, and cost is a key factor in your project, then a Linux OS seamlessly running Ubuntu may be the best solution for you.


Items we can customize:

  • Installed software packages
  • System and application configuration
  • Kernel modules including drivers for additional hardware support


Application Development

Logic Supply also offers application development services to project customers seeking to build a complete solution. Some examples of the industries Logic Supply serves are: Digital Signage, Embedded Appliance, Industrial Control/Automation, Firewall & Networking, Point-of-Sale/Kiosk, Mobile Computing, and Green Computing.   


The technologies we can work with:

  • Microsoft & Linux platforms
  • Languages include C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Wide range of application platforms and libraries

Contact a technical sales associate at +31 85 2733760 to discuss your project requirements.

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