System Assembly

System Assembly and Production

Achieve Manufacturing Quality for Production Runs From 1- 10,000

Logic Supply is an experienced system integrator capable of handling highly-specific assembly jobs as well as large-volume manufacturing projects.  We built over 10,000 units last year and had a failure rate of less than 2%.

  • System Assembly and ProductionFacilities in both US and Asia to meet price and leadtime requirements
  • Lean manufacturing and 5S methodology ensures consistency and streamlines the assembly process
  • Four-person QA process provides redundancy and confidence that everything is assembled to spec
  • System specific assembly guidelines to guarantee airflow, aesthetics, and prevent internal damages
  • 4,000 square foot climate and temperature controlled assembly area greatly reduces electrostatic discharge
  • High quality connective components to withstand wide operating temperature ranges
  • Reliable supply chain through Taiwan purchasing office and long standing vendor relations

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Marathon™, our Proprietary Validation Software

Our custom testing software automatically runs our systems through their required paces. All components are bench tested for functionality, including daughterboards. We confirm the following:

  • CPU is operating within optimal temperature ranges
  • Storage devices, network connection, and server connection are being properly recognized
  • Total installed memory is recognized, verifying the integrity of all addressable memory on each installed module
  • Fans, power, front panel ports, and HDD LEDs are functioning
  • BIOS is optimized for each system type

For more information on what is tested during our "Build & Test" or during our "Mainboard Test," please visit our FAQ here.

System Assembly and ProductionAdd On Service: Software Imaging

Obtain consistency and control over how your final product gets deployed

Logic Supply can create and load a custom image for your computer, allowing us to clone a software ecosystem that incorporates your OS, applications, and programs.  This allows for faster, more efficient deployment.

Custom disk images are ideal for:

  • Replacing or updating a large quantity of systems all at once
  • Reducing human error during the software installation process

Logic Supply offers Software Imaging for volume projects. Due to the range of software applications, we work with our customers to verify that the imaging is adequately represented in a fully operational system. Pricing is done on a per unit basis and varies according to the complexity of the imaging job.

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