Warranty and Returns

To submit a request for a repair or return, please login first, and then go to the Help Desk section via your Account page.

Repairs and Returns

Your satisfaction is very important to us. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to Logic Supply within 14 days of payment. We will accept returned products and give you a full refund with the exception of:

  • Products that do not come with a Logic Supply RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, which can be requested through your customer account page;
  • Products for which the shipping costs have not been paid in full by the customer;
  • Products not in their original condition due to damage to the product/original packaging/accessories or which are missing original packaging/parts/accessories, and which are therefore not resellable;
  • Products with a damaged/altered/removed guarantee label and/or serial number;
  • Software, including software installed in systems;
  • Assembled systems, whether assembled by Logic Supply or the client;
  • Special orders and volume orders


We use RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) numbers to ensure fast and efficient processing of returns. You can obtain an RMA number on your account page.

In case Logic Supply has shipped products that did not match your order, Logic Supply will also refund shipping costs.


All systems and components ship with a 1-year warranty, unless specified otherwise.

You can ship failed components directly to the manufacturer. Manufacturers will accept failed components for repairs or for replacement. You can also ship your failed components to Logic Supply after you have received an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, which can be obtained on your account page. Logic Supply bundles failed components from multiple customers before shipping to a specific manufacturer.

Systems built by Logic Supply which fail within the one-year warranty period will be repaired free of charge by us. Systems with a voided warranty, older then one year, or built from our components by a third party can also be repaired; these repairs, however, are not free of charge. You will be charged a fixed fee of 25€ to analyze the problem, and we will send you a quote for the expected repair costs. We charge a fee of 65€/ hour excluding the cost of parts. Repairs will only be conducted with your approval.

To initiate the repair process you will need an RMA number, which can be obtained through your customer account page. Our Technical Support Staff will contact you within 24 hours to analyze the problem, troubleshoot, and where necessary, request that you ship the system to Logic Supply for repair. For systems repaired within the one-year warranty period, clients are responsible for shipping to Logic Supply, and Logic Supply is responsible for shipping back to the client. For systems with voided warranty or without a warranty, the client is responsible for shipping to and from Logic Supply.

Voiding Warranty

Systems and components fall outside of warranty coverage when they show proof of misuse, including damage or modification by the user.